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Consulting Fee  - $45 paid prior to Consultation

Why, you ask?  Puchay has met with a few businesses, that like to meet, obtain valuable expert opinion, then, do their own thing or hire someone else with MY IDEAS.  Should you choose to hire Puchay, the $45 will be applied to your contract.  ​TIME AND TALENT is no longer FREE

*Approximate Fees | Subject to change 

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 The KEY here is ...

  You must keep Puchay informed of your updates and changes!!!  

We can't read your mind

 We can't anticipate your sale on Dog Shampoo if you don't let us know!

Inform Puchay

with a quick email or text


 Keeping your website fresh with current information is an absolute necessity to  portray a professional image to your internet audience

Ensuring that your site is current and relevant is just as important 

as creating the site in the first place

You opt for Puchay's affordable and totally worth it  WEBSITE SUPPORT MAINTENANCE SERVICE PLAN 

  • Unlimited content changes
  • Forms revisions
  • Functionality checks on design elements, links, and contact  forms
  • Website performance Improvements
  • Updates | Updates
  • Continued Search Engine Optimization
  • Submitting  your site to search engines, keeping it relevant
  • Puchay literally becomes your "Off-Site" Information Technology Department
  • You sit back, run your business, and let Puchay do the work
  • Monthly fee | Paid in 6 month installments |  No pay, no work #harsh

Puchay has created your website and you're pleased as punch!  Then we part ways.  We're done.  The job is complete.  You manage your entire site for all updates and changes, maintaining it yourself or hiring a new employee to do the job  #ouch  

Puchay never checks your site.

If you need help it is a $50 minimum service fee, billed hourly ... 


Your website is creatively planned specific to your business desires

  • We Consult | Strategize | Obtain Info
  • Determine the "size" of your site
  • 1/2 deposit
  • Puchay obtains images
  • You supply images & logos & such
  • Puchay fervently works night and day
  • We stay in touch via email, phone, text
  • Puchay reveals your site within *30 days or less
  • You're thrilled
  • You pay the balance
  • You have a huge burden lifted
  • You're online!  
  • We talk OPTIONS 1 and 2



Website Maintenance Services

​Social Media Marketing Plans

 custom web design & Re-Design

  • Professional

  • Visually Appealing

  • Relevant

  • Engaging


Our work is good. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done. 


Text or Email

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

9 - 4

Puchay constructs your website from start to finish and beyond.

Don't hesitate to ask a question or inquire as to why a certain process has to take place. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable because we know what it's like to be in your shoes ... scrambling to obtain an internet presence. We do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first. 

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